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Instagram Fridays: Winter is here at Table Mountain

Brrrr… it’s been all kinds of freezing on Table Mountain, our wonder of nature, this week and our Instragram feed has been flooded with all of your cool photos!

Instagram Fridays: Five terrific Table Mountain photos

Each week, our Instagram followers impress us with their terrific photos of Table Mountain!

#AsktheCableway: How old does my child need to be to travel on the cable car?

This week in our #AsktheCableway blog series, we answer your “How old does my child need to be to travel on the cable car?” question.

Instagram Fridays: Our top 5 New 7 Wonder frame photos of Table Mountain on #7WondersDay

Today is the inaugural #7WondersDay and we’re celebrating with our top five favourite photos taken at our yellow Table Mountain New 7 Wonders frames located around Cape Town!

#AsktheCableway: what do I do when the wind siren rings at the top of Table Mountain?

This week in our ongoing #AsktheCableway blog series, we answer your “What do I do when the wind siren rings at the top of Table Mountain?” question.

Celebrate Table Mountain, Africa’s Wonder of Nature, and other SA attractions on 7 Wonders day

On Friday, 7 July 2017, people around the world will celebrate the inaugural 7 Wonders Day, dedicated to the 21 iconic wonders, chosen by hundreds of millions of voters during three historic global campaigns: the the New7Wonders of Nature, the New7Wonders of the World and the New7Wonders Cities.

Instagram Fridays: 5 beautiful images of Table Mountain

Each week our Instagram feed is flooded with gorgeous images of Table Mountain, taken by our followers – and we can’t stop admiring them!

Don’t forget Kidz Season at the Cableway this school holiday

Family fun is what it’s all about at the Table Mountain Cableway, with unforgettable memories waiting to be made thanks to our 3-for-1 Kidz Season special, which runs throughout the school holiday period of Friday, 30 June until Monday, 24 July 2017.

The Cableway and your free birthday ticket: what you need to know

We love celebrating our local visitors’ birthdays with them by presenting each of them with a must-have gift: a free Cableway ticket. This year, our popular Birthday Special’s terms and conditions are getting an update!

#AsktheCableway: What’s the weather like on Table Mountain?

This week in our ongoing Ask the Cableway series, we look at a very important question: what’s the weather like on the mountain?

Cableway’s annual maintenance shutdown is just a month away!

With winter upon us, it’s nearly time for the Cableway to shut down operations for our annual maintenance period, from 24 July to 6 August 2017.

Instagram Fridays: Dassies – here, there and everywhere on Table Mountain

As beautiful as Table Mountain is, we know that our visitors are also popping by for another star attraction: our cute dassies!

#AsktheCableway: Am I allowed to take my own food and drinks to the top of Table Mountain?

Wondering if you’re allowed to take your own refreshments up the mountain? This is the all-important question we answer this week in our ongoing #AsktheCableway series.

Enjoy Kidz Season this Youth Day

Take your little ones on a Youth Day Cableway outing with our fabulous Kidz Season special.

Instagram Fridays: five spectacular cloudy-sky photos of Table Mountain

Winter has definitely arrived. Here are our five top images for this week, taken before and as the big storm hit our shores on Wednesday.